.my dear anons, i couldn't be more grateful for [your love, friendship, && support] through these years. 

.yet, as in any pulp fiction, there must exist a finale. ~midsummer'23, bt3gl tv has completed its narrative

.i now embrace a more private life, becoming unrestrainedly committed to my research && engineering work on finance, advanced mathematical modeling, && privacy.

.it has been a pleasure having you close as i unfolded my innermost journey while <playing with && laughing at> archaic societal stigmas, herd mentality, && cynicism of our times

.i wish you [the courage && the joy] to become your higher self, to love with purity, && to continue advocating for [free thought && self-sovereignty] in our unbounded reality.

.the only real fight is
love (bliss) x hate (fear).
(everything else is an illusion; you are allowed to disengage )

.focus on your craft.
(everything has always a solution; when you compromise, you die a lil)

🖤💎, bt3gl

aka mia, 
aka papeza,
aka qubit girl,
aka mev waifu,​​​​​​​
aka hillaryquake,
aka lilith security,
aka the crypto מַלכָּה,,
aka c3RlaW5raXJjaC5ldGg,
aka m. souza,
aka m. wahl,
aka no one

this is  hbar, the  
planck constant /2ℼ 
from quantum mechanics
(or the planet saturn)

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