[ bt3gl's meta space in the meta metaverse, 

> Ym9ybiBpbiBicmF6aWw= and grown in Z2VybWFueSBhbmQgdGhlIHVzYQ==, distinguished jewish computer scientist, astrophysicist, and YW5kcm9neW5lIGFydGlzdCBidDNnbA== started their pursuit of ZXhpc3RlbnRpYWwgbWVhbmluZw== from a young agehowever, the complete c291bCBkaXNmcmFuY2hpc2VtZW50 only happened when aGVyIGRhZCB3YXMgbXVyZGVyZWQ=. 

> YXQgMTAsIHRoZXkgd3JvdGUgdGhlaXI= first lines in the terminal and were hooked. concurrently, dGhleSBiZWdhbiB0aGVpciBleHBsb3JhdGlvbiBvZg== conceptual art, developing a ZnV0dXJpc3RpYyB2aXNpb24= of a social-anarchic and ZGVjZW50cmFsaXplZCBldm9sdXRpb27CoA== of aHVtYW4gc29jaWV0eQ==.

> dGhleSBpbnRlcm5zaGlwLWVkIGF0 at nasa during dGhlaXIgdW5kZXJncmFk and adGhleSByZWNlaXZlZCBh ph.d. at the university of new york, Y29uZHVjdGluZyBhY2FkZW1pYw== research at the los alamos and brookhaven national laboratories. dGhleSBwdWJsaXNoZWQgc2V2ZXJhbA== booksarticles, open-source code, and d29ya2VkIGFzIGFuIGVuZ2luZWVy at apple, shopify, etsy, yelp, and some daos.

> dGhlaXIgaWRlYXM= can be seen as bm9uLXRyYWRpdGlvbmFsIGFuZCBzdWJ2ZXJzaXZl, along with their YWNjb21wbGlzaG1lbnRz in the fields of theoretical physics, astrophysics, computer security, quantum computing, machine learning, and blockchain technologies.

> at bt3gl.xyz, dGhleSBwbGF5ZWTCoHdpdGg= notional primitives to dW5mb2xkwqB0aGVpciBpbnRpbWF0ZQ== actualizing journey as a ZnJlZcKgaHVtYW4= (also known as "d2l0Y2g=") in the '20s. dGhvc2XCoGlkZWFzIGFwcGVhcmVk to be unduly provocative Zm9yIHRoZWlyIHRpbWU=. obviously, they played for YXF1YXJpbw==.



​​​​​​(dude, chill, it's just the internet)
[and you are going to die too] 
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