.my dear anons, i couldn't be more grateful for your love, friendship, and support through these years. 

.yet, as in any pulp fiction, there must exist a finale. today, during the midsummer of 2023, i am sunsetting bt3gl tv and passing on my adjacent and side projects to other (good) hands.

.i now embrace a more private life (that i have always advocated for), aiming to become unrestrainedly committed to my primary passion: solving cutting-edge engineering problems in web3 security,  privacy, and fairness.

.it was a pleasure having you close as i unfolded my innermost journey while <playing with && laughing at> archaic societal stigmas, herd mentality, and cynicism of our times 

.i wish you the courage to be your higher self, to love with purity, and to continue advocating for free speech and sovereignty in our unbounded reality.

.the only real fight is
love (bliss) x hate (fear).
(everything else is illusion)
.never let your dreams die.
(everything has always a solution)

🖤✡💎, bt3gl

aka mia, 
aka papeza,
aka mev waifu,
aka lilith security,
aka c3RlaW5raXJjaC5ldGg,
aka the crypto מַלכָּה,,
aka hillaryquake,
aka no one

this is  the  
planck constant /2ℼ 
from quantum mechanics
(or the planet saturn)

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